Nokia’s Strategy For Selling The Lumia 2520 Windows 8 Tablet Is To Make You Very Uncomfortable


I remember in the early 2000s a friend of mine through college had a mullet zine, which was an actual print photocopied irregular publication that featured candid photos he’d taken of mullets in the wild. That was the sort of thing that happened in the early 2000s, when mullets were a thing people loved ironically. Nokia thinks mullets are still a thing, and it built an entire ad around the concept of a haircut with business in front and party in the back and its new 2520 Windows 8-based tablet.

Please, by all means watch whatever the hell this is for yourself, but let me tell you right away: it’s weird, and it will make you feel uncomfortable, and it’s stupid. I’m all for a little eccentric fun once in a while, but when you line this fumbled Harry Potter-movie-soundtracked amateur comedy up against Apple’s recent holiday ad, it’s easy to see why the average human reaches for an iPad in the tablet aisle, not a Lumia 2520.