Glow, The Fertility App Founded By Max Levchin, Crosses 1,000 User Pregnancies

When Glow launched its iPhone app for tracking female fertility earlier this year, it garnered attention for its slick design, $6 million Series A funding, and of course well-known founder Max Levchin. But its real success — how many women conceived with the help of using the app — couldn’t be judged right away. These things take some time.

Now that it’s been a little over four months since its public launch, Glow is finally talking numbers, and they are pretty impressive. More than 1,000 women have become pregnant with the help of the fertility-tracking app, Glow announced today. The company also rolled out a new section of its website called, dedicated to the success stories of people who have conceived while on Glow (the feature image is one of the photos shared to the site.) The entries are pretty touching, and they show a personal impact not often seen in consumer tech.

Also today, Glow issued an update to its iOS app and a new feature called Glow Community, which is a social space to allow couples who are trying to conceive and parents-to-be to share their experiences. The updated app also has some revamped calendar features that purport to help users track their fertility with more precision.

Max Levchin has said that his goals for Glow go much farther than what we see on the surface. Levchin’s larger vision with HVF, the umbrella company that Glow is operating under, is to use machine learning and big data to solve the world’s big problems, particularly those concerning healthcare. Pregnancy is just the first piece of the puzzle.

Levchin talked to TechCrunch TV about what inspired him to launch Glow at the app’s launch in August. You can watch that in the video embedded below: