KryptoKit Lets You Pay In Bitcoin Instantly On Almost Any Webpage

There have been a few Bitcoin wallets available for Chrome and other browsers but how about one that searches for Bitcoin addresses on the pages you visit and allows for one-click payment from your BTC stash? KryptoKit, launched today at the Inside Bitcoin conference in Las Vegas, lets you do just that.

First, KryptoKit allows you to create a Bitcoin wallet that you can use to store your BTC using your browser. It is ostensibly secure – you can set a password that you must enter before the wallet can send out any Bitcoins. It also lets you backup your wallet to a file.

Founded by Anthony Di Iorio and Steven Dakh, the Toronto-based company is trying to make it fast and easy to use BTC with almost any web page. Di Iorio is a member of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada where he spreads the BTC good news hither and yon.

“There are many Bitcoin wallet services and many vendors who now accept Bitcoin, but very few services marry those two,” said Di Iorio. “KryptoKit is a one-click solution to transferring BTC from your wallet to a vendor. To our knowledge, no one has to this date brought the simplicity of Amazon’s one-click system to shopping online with Bitcoin, and certainly not in the form of a browser extension (and the desktop browser is still a popular destination for people to do their shopping, especially for the holidays).”

Interestingly, the plugin also supports PGP and lets you create a key pair for sending and receiving encrypted messages. Finally, the system can scan a webpage (any of these would show up in the app and presumably this would too [NSFW]). It’s not quite as easy as PayPal but it’s a start.

“This could be the ‘’ moment for Bitcoin,” said Di Iorio. With a little more uptake and a little less volatility, he could be right.

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