Bond, The App For Giving Gifts, Lands On The Web

Just in time for Black Friday, Bond is bringing its gifting platform to the web after spending a couple of months as a native mobile app.

Bond, created by Sonny Caberwal, takes all the heavy lifting out of gift giving, with a large focus on the enterprise and professional gifts.

So let’s say you just finished up a big interview at your dream job, or you just left the office of a brand new client after making a huge sale. That’s the perfect moment to open up Bond and choose a gift in a certain price bracket, easily obtain the recipient’s address, and even formulate a hand-written note.

Oh, did I mention? Bond has a robot that writes hand-written notes. And according to Caberwal, the Robot is being refined to learn new versions of handwriting, so that one could eventually send a hand-written note to a friend or colleague in their own handwriting.

But why?

Well, after a few months on the market, Bond has realized that big corporate clients are going to be the future for Bond.

Caberwal eventually sees Bond becoming a platform that large corporations can customize to their own gifting needs. As a first step, the team is bringing Bond to the web.