Google’s Rumored YouTube Streaming Music Service Shows Up In Android App Code

Google has been rumored to be building a streaming music service into its YouTube property, which is a little confusing because it also has its catalogue-spanning Google Play Music All Access service. But there’s even more evidence it’s going forward with that plan in the latest YouTube app for Android, which contains code (via Android Police) indicating that a service called “Music Pass” is in the works for the online video site.

Details from the code included suggest the name “Music Pass,” which comes complete with offline playback, background listening so that you can listen while using other apps, and uninterrupted music, which means no ads played while you’re listening, unlike on standard YouTube offerings. And of course, unlike the Google Play Music All Access streaming offering, you’d get videos in the mix, too.

Later code suggests that videos will be able to be saved for up to 48 hours, and saved in either standard (360p) or HD (720p) resolution. There’s still a lot up in the air, like how much subscriptions will cost and what exactly subscribers will get vs. free users. Still, it looks pretty clear that Google is working on this in earnest, with a launch intended for the not so distant future. As with most products that involve giant media companies, the delay is probably down to figuring out licensing arrangements with all parties involved.

Google having two separate music-streaming services under one roof could get confusing, but they’re clearly hoping that they can get some users to double-dip thanks to the added value of getting videos with the YouTube service, although from this vantage point, there looks to be little benefit to going for the music-only version, unless there’s a significant price difference.