Kiip Says Its Self-Serve Platform Is Now Open To All Advertisers

Kiip just announced that it’s opening the self-service version of its ad platform to all companies globally.

Kiip, for those of you who don’t remember, is pitching mobile rewards as a way for advertisers to reach consumers at moments when they’re feeling particularly warm and fuzzy, say when they beat a level in a mobile game.

The company actually went self-serve last year in terms of integrating with developers. It started testing out the same approach with invited advertisers five months ago, and since then, it says it has worked with number companies that should be familiar to TechCrunch readers including Hulu,, Lyft, Beachmint, and Homejoy.

The company says it reaches 70 million users across a network of more than 1,500 games and apps. In those early tests, Kiip-powered rewards have apparently seen in-app engagement rates of 5 to 7 percent and led to email open rates of 30 percent.

Co-founder and CEO Brian Wong told me:

Large, advertising agency led brands like Pepsi and McDonald’s continue to use our products focused on branding as well. Self-service clients are more conversion rated and have the online system for tracking and credits.

He added that prior to going self-serve, most of Kiip’s ads were purchased through agencies, but the team realized that this new approach was “the best way to scale and to make our team more international.”

The company says that this is a global launch, and that will accept ads from businesses in any country.