Wine-As-A-Service Company Rewinery Has Shut Down

Today Rewinery confirmed with TechCrunch that it has ended its San Francisco-area wine delivery service. As a company, Rewinery had a simple plan: Amazing wines delivered to you, now, at discounted price points. If that sounds appealing, you’ll understand the excitement TechCrunch had at the launch of the service.

However, after existing for more than a year with what its now former CEO describes as no outside capital, it shut down. Issues relating to a key supplier led to the decision, indicating perhaps that the company had simple cash flow problems.

No shame in that.

Startups similar to Rewinery are very popular in San Francisco at the moment, with companies formed to deliver you groceries, or flowers, or a car, or a cleaner apartment have sprung up and are growing quickly. The faster you promise a delivery, however, the harder it is to execute on that promise. Rewinery made its job tougher by promising to bring you your wine “within the hour.”

That coupled with its promise to find “amazing bottles of red, white and premium wines from all over the world” and free returns probably didn’t help the young company. It was a neat idea, and one that likely had more than a few fans, but ultimately that was not enough.

So, to the deadpool with Rewinery. Happily, if you do need booze to your door, Instacart is delivering alcohol once again, and Munchery now does wine as well. So you still have options for Liver Damage As A Service.

Top Image Credit: Flickr