Google Ventures Debuts A New URL And A Redesigned Site With More Founder-Friendly Content

Google Ventures is debuting a brand new site today, complete with a new URL, lots of founder-friendly content and more.

The firm will now redirect to instead of its former URL Google Ventures. The site was created entirely in-house by Google Ventures’ design team, using its design sprint process (you can read more about the process here). The firm also did user studies with entrepreneurs to A/B test elements of the site.

The most noticeable change besides the general UX of the site relates to the addition of content. The Google Ventures Startup Lab’s body of content, which helps startups navigate things like A/B testing, holding productive meetings and more, is now being put on the site, with over 45 of these workshops available to anyone. The design staff has also contributed content such as how to run design critiques and how to pick a design agency. And the site now includes video interviews with founders such as Phil Libin and Ev Williams.

As design partner Braden Kowitz tells us, it’s not just info about the “how” but also setting up best practices. And the vast majority of this content is open to the public. GV isn’t the first to redesign its site to include more content. First Round Capital and Sequoia recently added content hubs, and A16Z has been exploring a content strategy as well. Union Square just added a new Hacker News-like technology to its site to surface interesting content.


Beyond a redesign, today marks Google Ventures’ annual CEO summit, which features a variety of speakers including Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh, Sequoia’s Sir Michael Moritz, Ray Kurzweil, and Nest CEO and co-founder Tony Fadell.

Google Ventures is also promoting two investment partners, Andy Wheeler and Blake Byers, to general partners, which means that they can take board seats, and more ownership and responsibility over investments, says managing partner Bill Maris. The firm just added two new investment partners, Shanna Tellerman and Dave Munichiello, to its ranks. And earlier this year, GV added former CrunchFund partner (and my former colleague) MG Siegler to its investment team as a general partner.

Disclosure: Google Ventures is an investor in my husband’s startup, which is currently in stealth.