Watch Airbnb’s Chef Rap About Food At A Hackathon

Earlier tonight at the Food Hackathon in San Francisco, a chef took to the presentation area to pitch the audience on a whimsical new line of clothing designed to help make the folks who make the food gorgeous. Then he started to play the backing music to Biggie Smalls’ “Juicy.”

It turns out that Sam Lippman is Airbnb’s chef, and likes to rap. He started to kick through a rewritten version of the Notorious B.I.G.’s classic track “Juicy.” It was, frankly, awesome. A raw food chef for a growing startup rapping at a hackathon in the offices of a social network taken on an iPhone. At least we can know that we are cliché.

I shot the video myself, so it’s not the prettiest thing. I’ve told YouTube to flip its rotation so that nearly all of it is at an appropriate layout. Let’s hope that works. Enjoy:

Top Image Credit: Flickr