Blippar AR Advertising App Launches On Windows Phone

Blippar has been around since 2011 with the sole intention of making advertising fun again.

The app uses high-speed augmented reality and image recognition technology to let brands add interactive advertising to real-world objects.

Blippar is already available across a number of platforms, including iOS, Android and Blackberry, and today launches on the Windows Phone platform to be the first and only image-recognition app available across all platforms, according to the company.

The company was originally launched in the UK, and has since migrated over to the States. Blippar has over 4 million downloads to date, and there are over 10,000 blips on the platform, provided by 750 brands and publishers.

Of course, it’s hard to believe that an advertising app would get a ton of traction on the consumer side, but Blippar seems to prove otherwise. Users have blipped products and images more than 25 million times.

Beyond the UK and the U.S., Blippar has also launched in Spain, Turkey, Japan and India.

You can check out the Blippar for Windows Phone app right here.