Pitch-Off. Tonight. Boston.

Boston! TechCrunch is in you! And it’s damn cold here.

Tonight, at 6:00pm at The Estate, we’re hosting our first Boston event in far too many years. The response from Boston has been overwhelming. We love you too, Boston, and are very excited to see you tonight.

After an explosion of applicants, we lined up 20 great Boston-area startups for tonight’s pitch-off. Each startup gets just over a minute to demo their product to myself, John Biggs, and several local venture capitalists. The winner gets a demo table at Disrupt NY 2014.

These meetups are part pitch-off competition and part meet-your-neighbors shindig. Tonight, over a thousand entrepreneurs, tech fans and venture capitalists will be gathered under one roof. Come with your pitch deck locked and loaded, and a pocket full of business cards. Tonight’s going to be epic. There ain’t no party like a TechCrunch party.

If you didn’t manage to snag a ticket, don’t fret. We’ll be back rather soon. We’re currently lining up our meetup schedule for 2014 and Boston is very high on the list.

Pitch-off Companies

Energy Harvesters
APE System
Hermes Clinical
Avalanche Energy
TenTen Watch Club