Vine Launches On Windows Phone

Vine, Twitter’s six second video sharing app, has just released a version of the app compatible with Windows Phone.

Video creators on the WP platform will have access to all the same features as iOS and Android users, such as Ghost and TimeTravel, as well as exclusive Windows Phone features like the ability to pin favorite accounts to the home screen and pivot to switch through the apps quickly.

Vine was first released on iOS in January of this year, and eventually launched for Android in June, right around the time it reached 13 million users.

Of course, Vine has changed a lot since then.

The app started out as a video editing tool that let you string together multiple clips to create a six second, looping video. Since, the company has launched a number of tools allowing users to edit more precisely, most notably the ability to go back and edit previously recorded clips.

This change came in the wake of Instagram’s launch of Instagram video, a feature that became available three months after Vine’s launch.

From the start, Instagram video users could edit and save multiple drafts, features Vine made available in October.

In August, Vine announced that it had reached 40 million users.