Microsoft Updates Surface Firmware, Patches IE Zero-Day Exploit Among 19 Total Flaws

We don’t cover Patch Tuesday much here at TechCrunch because the majority of you know how to leave Windows Update on and suck down the new software each month direct from the source. This month is a bit more special, however, as it heavily impacts the Surface line of tablets.

Among the updates are a set of Internet Explorer fixes that are worth checking into if you manage PCs. For a rundown of what is in the security side of this update cycle, the genial Larry Seltzer at ZDNet has a good rundown.

Now, to the Surface news. In short, if you own a Surface 2, Surface (the tablet formerly known as Prince Surface RT), or Surface Pro original, Microsoft has goodies for you. Surface Pro 2 owners, apparently your devices are working as intended, so you get nothing.

Surface 2 owners receive the most: Improved Type and Touch cover performance, camera upgrades, audio fixes including moving sound to speakers after yanking your headphones, better battery life and stability, and better Wi-Fi performance. A grab bag, but one that could make Surface 2 quality of life a measurable delta better. I haven’t had hands-on time yet with the update, but will report back later if the changes warrant their own post.

If you own a Surface Pro that is running Windows 8, you can now use Japanese-language, second-generation Touch and Type covers. So, for the eight of you that applies to, mazel tov. Those running 8.1 on their Pro will receive improved Wi-Fi performance.

Finally, if you have the original Surface, you too can now use second-generation Japanese Touch and Type covers. A small update, but one that could help Microsoft vend higher-margin peripherals in the country at a moderately improved clip in that country.

This is a workable set of updates and a welcome bunch. If you have problems picking up any of the above, drop a comment.

Top Image Credit: Flickr