Fly Or Die: iPad Air

With the new iPad Air, the question isn’t whether or not the new tablet will fly or die. The question, rather, is whether or not you should upgrade from an older-gen iPad to the iPad air or to the iPad mini?

In truth, it all comes down to use cases.

There’s no doubt that the new iPad air is the most powerful, speedy, and beautiful iPad to date. It’s almost half a pound lighter than previous generations, with a 64-bit A7 processor and a brand new iPad mini-esque design. The bezels are 43 percent thinner than earlier generations making the full size iPad a one-handed device for the first time ever.

That said, the iPad air won’t always fit in your purse or pocket the way an iPad mini will, which is why (again) it comes down to use cases.

For John, an iPad is a must-have gadget at all times.

He takes an iPad mini everywhere, with an LTE connection, and uses it the same way most people use their smartphone. Not only is he reading, watching movies, and playing with apps, but he’s doing on-the-go email and web searches with his tablet. If this sounds like you, the iPad Air might still be a bit big for your tastes.

However, I use my iPad as more of an at-home or travel device. It comes on the plane, and I watch movies and read. I surf the web or read in bed, and play games from time to time. Because of this, the iPad Air is light and easy to carry around but still offers quite a bit of screen real estate.