Twitter Drops 7.24% In Its Second Day Of Trading, Burning $2.3B In Market Cap

Twitter priced its IPO at $26 per share. It opened yesterday at $45.10, closing the day at $44.90. Today it closed at $41.65, down 7.24%. Using a fully diluted share count (705,098,594), Twitter’s valuation fell $2.3 billion in regular trading. 

That’s more than half a Snapchat.

The company’s massively successful IPO led some to claim that Twitter mispriced its offering. The company originally indicated that it would price the offering as low as $17 per share, a firm discount to its final $26 offer price.

The markets and larger technology industry will closely watch Twitter in its first few quarters, given that the degree of its success – or weakness – as a public company will set the temperature for other companies’ IPO paths.

Keep in mind that Twitter, even after this correction – call it what you will – is valued richly. As Peter Kafka of AllThingsD points out, “Twitter investors are valuing the company at the same level as LinkedIn, even though LinkedIn generates twice as much revenue. And they’re valuing Twitter at about a fifth of Facebook, even though Facebook has more than ten times more revenue.”

That implies that Twitter investors are expecting the company to outperform comparable, and rival firms.

In other news, barometric pressure in San Francisco fell from 30.09 inches this morning, to 30.01 inches by the end of trading on the East Coast. Temperature moved in the opposite direction, rising from a chilly 52 degrees in the city this morning to a far warmer 63 degrees by the end of the regular trading. It isn’t clear that impact this will have on Twitter’s stock price tomorrow, but we’re digging into that now.

Twitter IPO

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