#TwitterIPO Is Now Trending On Twitter, #6 On Google Trends

As Twitter’s IPO event kicks off this morning, the company’s social network is filled with Twitter-related tweets. So many, in fact, that “TwitterIPO” has now become a trending topic all on its own. (Too bad it’s not just “twitter” trending on Twitter. That would be fun.). The trending topic appears on Twitter’s Search page, where it just a few moments ago changed from simply “IPO.” May as well give a self-shoutout, right?

Elsewhere on the web, searches for Twitter are heating up as well. On Google’s “Hot Trends” page, the IPO has been ranking in the top ten this morning, slipping from position #5 to position #6, also just a few minutes ago.

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 9.32.56 AM

It’s worth noting that the Facebook IPO was also trending on Twitter on its opening day, but it wasn’t immediately the number one term, losing out at times to things like Kayne West’s new film and a retiring Chicago Cubs pitcher, among other things. TwitterIPO, meanwhile, has the first position just behind the Promoted Trend (Thursday Night Football, or “#TNF”) as of the time of publication.

Update, 9:43 AM ET: Twitter now has two of the top trends on Twitter, with #TwitterIPO bumped down the list of terms, and #TWTR moving into the second position.

Also, #TwitterIPO is not making the cut everywhere worldwide, apparently:

Twitter IPO