LiveFyre Forgets We Already Use LiveFyre

Imagine you just got a new haircut, a drastic haircut. You go out to drinks with a friend, flipping and twisting your new ‘do about for everyone to see.

How would you feel if that friend not only didn’t notice your new change, but actually suggested that you could probably use a haircut.

You’d shake your head in disbelief. You’d whip your newly shorn locks around, eyes wide and imploring, mouth agape in shock.

Tell me. How would that feel, LiveFyre?

As many of our more loyal readers have noticed, TechCrunch switched up our commenting system from Facebook comments to LiveFyre comments. This allows us to do interesting things like share links, pictures, gifs, videos, and more.

That’s why we were so very surprised to receive the following email (name redacted) from Atomic PR, the agency that represents LiveFyre:

Subject: I can’t share images on Tech Crunch

Hi Anthony,

When I go to your stories on Spin Sucks [note: we have little idea what she’s referring to here], I don’t have the option to share images in the comments.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Livefyre, with their news today (below) is trying to help by making it easier for commenters to share images. Ultimately, driving more engagement for a site. Livefyre customers can now allow commenters to search the web for a gif or image that would help me drive home a point I’m trying to make.

I have some images on how this looks and happy to share if interested. I’ve included the news below.

PR Person

There are a few things wrong with this pitch.

The first is that, quite obviously, TechCrunch already uses LiveFyre comments. A quick trip to one of Anthony’s stories would reveal this instantly.

The second is that “Ultimately, driving more engagement for a site” is not a sentence.

The third is that TechCrunch has no space in between the Tech and the Crunch. But how would this PR person know that? She clearly has never visited our site.

The fourth (yes, there’s a fourth) is that Anthony writes for TechCrunch, not Spin Sucks.

LiveFyre reached out to apologize, explaining that we never should have received this hard sell, because, yes, we already use LiveFyre and have the ability to upload images in comments.