Lime&Tonic Picks Up €1M In Angel Funding Because Apps For Affluent People Need Cash Too

Even an app for affluent people needs cash at some point. Lime&Tonic, the digital concierge app for iOS that provides personalised recommendations of “unforgettable” experiences to help users fill their social agendas, has announced that it’s closed a €1 million round of angel funding.

The list of backers includes VCs Julie Meyer (Ariadne Capital), Cem Sortoglu (Earlybird Capital), Daniel Lynch (3TS Capital), and Miroslav Boublik (Craig Capital), all of whom have invested in a personal capacity, along with Graham Potts, co-founder of Jobsite.

The round also looks like it’s been a while in the making. Meyer, for example, joined the Board and became a shareholder in Lime&Tonic back in July, while Sortoglu and Lynch were also previously named as Board members.

The UK startup says it will use the new funding to further develop the Lime&Tonic product, which currently consists of a web version and iOS app only. Cheapskate Android users need not apply — for now.

The Lime&Tonic app provides personalised offers of things to do, such as dining, afternoon tea and other affluent people’s activities, provided by the premium merchants that Lime&Tonic works with. These include Michelin restaurants, and 5-star hotel brands.

Billed as a technology play, users fill out their profile with information such as any food requirements, how they like their coffee, steak cooked, or any favourite cocktails. Lime&Tonic’s algorithm then kicks in to provide those personalised recommendations, once or twice per day, powered by its database of curated experiences.

In addition, Lime&Tonic shares elements of a user’s profile data with its partner merchants to ensure the best possible experience. The app also has a built-in calendar to help users plan upcoming events.

The service is currently available in 7 cities, including London, Dubai, Prague, Rio, Sydney, Amsterdam and Melbourne, offering 1,000+ experiences available globally from over 250 merchants. Traction-wise, Lime&Tonic says it’s delivered 85,000 paying customers to-date, up from 71,000 at the end of August.