PCH International’s Highway 1 Is Looking For A Few Good Hardware Startups

Highway 1, an incubator/accelerator run by Brady Forrest and underwritten by electronics powerhouse PCH International, is beginning its Spring Applications process and will close applications after TC’s Hardware Battlefield in Las Vegas.

“Our goal remains the same: to teach startups how to be hardware companies,” said Forrest.

The incubator helps build businesses by supplying funds, introductions, and an education in design, prototyping, and mentorship. The group is looking for international teams.

“Our Fall class is comprised of 11 teams with members from China, Portugal, Ireland, South Africa, US, & Canada. We want this expansion to come internationally. To that end we’ll be doing a tour US, European and Asian cities this year. I am personally going to be visiting visiting maker spaces in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijng, Shanghai, Paris, London, Los Angeles and Seattle.”

This session they are looking for 15 companies. Each company receives seed Funding of $20,000 in return for 3-6% equity. “I am looking for more companies that are going to use hardware as a platform. We’re also doubling down on wearables and health tech. We’re looking for non-profits this time as well.” You can apply here.