Google’s iOS Search App Gets Hands-Free Search, Improved Google Now Notifications And Reminders

Google today launched the latest version of its Search App for iOS, which now includes improved support for Google Now reminders and notifications, as well as hands-free search using the “OK Google” command.

The company first announced that iOS users would get Google Now push notifications support during an odd press event in the Google garage in September, and the company has been improving on this ever since.

Most of the new features are already well known to Android users, but iOS users will now get notifications when they are about to run late for an appointment because there is a traffic jam on the way. They will also be able to set reminders for themselves using Google’s now ubiquitous “OK Google” command. With this, iOS users can now say something like “OK Google, remind me to mail the checks when I get home” and Google will notify them when they get home. In the same way, Google’s updated app now allows you to set reminders for when a movie or a new album is about to be released.


In this new version, Google also shows you your boarding passes or theatre tickets right on the app’s homescreen and it always listens to you while it’s open, so you can use the “OK Google” command at any time without having to press the microphone button first. This feature, however, only works on new devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and up). Right now, this feature, as well as setting reminders by voice, only work in English.