Everpix, The Cloud-Based Photo Startup, Is Shutting Down

When it comes to photo-oriented web services, for every slam-dunk success like Instagram, there seem to be quite a few Color-esque shutdowns. And today, another photo startup is hitting the deadpool.

Everpix, the San Francisco startup that launched its cloud-oriented photo storage and sharing platform at SF Disrupt in 2011, announced today it is shutting down. Starting now, new sign-ups and subscriptions are not available, and Everpix apps will switch to read-only mode. Operations will cease completely on December 15th, 2013. Everpix says that it will email its users with full details regarding exporting their photos and obtaining refunds.

The company, which had raised $1.8 million from investors including Index Ventures and 500 Startups, has six staff listed on LinkedIn. In a post on Everpix’s official blog today entitled “We Gave It Our All…”, the company said that the shutdown comes as a result of failing to secure more capital or find an aquirer:

“It is with a heavy heart we announce that Everpix will be shutting down in the coming weeks.

…It’s frustrating (to say the least) that we cannot continue to work on Everpix. We were unable to secure sufficient funding in order to properly scale the business, and our endeavors to find a new home for Everpix did not come to pass. At this point, we have no other options but to discontinue the service.”

Casey Newton wrote a great post-mortem of Everpix for The Verge today, which you can read here. I’ve reached out to Everpix’s CEO Pierre-Olivier Latour for additional comment on the shutdown, and will update this post with any response.

Everpix really had created a beautiful app — you can see a demo of one of the most recent versions in this video interview from this past March — but it seems it just wasn’t enough to keep things alive. Kudos to the Everpix team for being honest about its shutdown story and the difficulties the company faced in its final days.