This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Disrupt Europe Aftermath, The iPad Air, And Google’s New Nexus

It’s been a long road home for the TechCrunch Gadgets team, but the lure of new hardware was too much to resist so we huddled around our microphones on a dreary Friday morning to gab about them all.

So what’s on the docket this time around? Some choice hardware highlights from Disrupt Europe start things off on a positive note, and since Apple’s iPad Air went on sale earlier today, we felt compelled to dig into Cupertino’s latest (and apparently greatest) fondleslab.

Meanwhile, Newton’s Third Law of Gadget Dynamics (that’s a thing, right?) ensured that Google had a new hardware announcement of its own to counter with this week. It wasn’t much of a surprise when Google pulled back the curtain on the Nexus 5 yesterday, but we managed to express some love for the smartphone in our own peculiar ways. Join John Biggs, Matt Burns, Darrell Etherington, and me, Chris Velazco, as we enter the hardware breach once more, won’t you?

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