The Budgee Bot Can Help You Bear Your Burden

Kill your mule because Budgee Bot is the first consumer-oriented pack-bot designed for the average user. This twee little robot has a basket and a motorized platform and will follow you anywhere, carrying your shopping, luggage, and pets behind you like a robotic sherpa.

The robot holds up to 50 pounds of stuff and you can close it up into a small five-pound bundle. It can sense bumps and cliffs and it has an auto-follow system that will look for and maintain a safe distance from you and your phone. He also loves you.

Budgee Bot cares about you and wants to be your friend. Each day he greets you and does his best to cheer you up!
His favorite place is to be with YOU!

If you’ll recall robots like Big Dog were originally designed to act as pack animals on the battlefield. Budgee Bots’ creators, Five Elements Robotics, have taken that idea to its obvious consumer conclusion. You can see a few more pictures of the finished product at Spectrum.

The company is looking for a November crowd funding launch and Budgee Bot should cost about $1,400 when it’s finished – quite a bit to pay for a little robotic Dobby.

via Spectrum