Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Cloud, you can’t be serious. But they are. This Polish company is building a way to use your own hardware and machines to create a secure, always-on cloud solution for small and medium-sized business. It’s the kind of enterprise solution that you’d think would be far easier to implement and, thanks to the founders Blazej Marciniak and Marek Ciesla, it is.

“It’s always-on smart access, not syncing everything: get the data you need, when you need it,” said Blazej Marciniak. “Sync makes no sense for big files and mobile. You use your own storage and network and nothing is shared anywhere. It’s secure by design: data, traffic is encrypted, and there’s invite only access.”

“We do not trust the public cloud,” he said.

The company started in November 2012 when it was called GVN Technology and the company built something called PrivacyProtector. Like many young products, the company quickly decided it would be best to pivot. Thye’ve raised about $200,000 in total to build their product. But things started out rough.

“We did run out of money, operated without for 3 months until the second seed deal finalized,” said Marciniak. “Sadly we have no other alternatives in Poland anyway so we want to move business to the States as soon as possible. We have established company and contacts there.”

The small team is working hard on new features and improvements. “Time is huge pressure, we iterate priorities on a daily basis,” he said. They’ve gotten 100 users so far and they’re unveiling an OS X version today. They are also opening public availability today at Disrupt.

“Great things are a team effort, no single person can achieve the same,” said Marciniak. “I want to work with great team no matter their location, in convenient way, without compromising my data security. Our goal is to eliminate all data delivery distractions and focus on the work.”

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