A Michael Arrington Fan Takes The Stage At Disrupt Europe

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington closed out his interview today with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong at Disrupt Europe with a call for questions from the audience.

It turned out, however, that one of the attendees was less interested in finding out more about AOL’s business and more interested in taking a photo with Arrington. In fact, he said that he’d traveled from India for that very purpose.

As you can see in the video above, Armstrong was a good sport about it, inviting the attendee up the stage and giving up his seat. Maybe my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ (give or take a few bosses) just didn’t want to answer any more of Arrington’s questions about whether he’s going into politics.

The attendee also asked of Arrington if he’d be willing to invest or serve on his board of directors — at that point, they were sent backstage, but hey, that’s not a no.

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