TiVo Launches Out-Of-Home Streaming From Roamio DVRs To Its Mobile App

The day new TiVo owners have been waiting for is finally here!

One of the big selling points of the new TiVo Roamio family of DVRs was the ability to connect it to the company’s mobile apps and be able to stream and download all your favorite live or recorded TV programming. But it wasn’t available when the products first went on sale back in August.

Well, anyway, now it is. Thanks to an update in both the TiVo hardware and mobile apps, users will be able to stream stuff they’ve recorded to the DVR or even programming that’s appearing live to their mobile phone or tablet wherever they have a WiFi connection.

For consumers, the update provides more reason to be a TiVo user, as the Roamio now serves as a kind of all-in-one DVR, Slingbox, and Apple TV. Not only can they record content, but users can also access it even when they’re on the road. And the TiVo products also include access to some big name streaming video content, like Hulu Plus and Netflix.

For streaming to work, users will have to download an update to the TiVo app and make sure that it’s connected to the TiVo Roamio first while on the same network in the home. Once that’s done and the devices are paired, TiVo users will be able to access their content and control the DVR from the app. So in addition to watching content, they’ll also be able to set it to record remotely.

For now, the connectivity only works with iOS devices — the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch — but the company has plans to roll out to Android sometime next year.