TechStars Seattle Demo Day Showcases Google Glass Apps And More From 11 Startups

Eleven startups will present this afternoon at TechStars Seattle. I am here to check them out and see which ones look promising. I have an enterprise slant but several from this group, like a lot of startups, have both consumer and business use cases. I’ll post my top picks later today. If you have any favorites, please mention them in the comments. Here’s the list.

Everpath: Empowering online instructors to create and sell their own courses on their own web sites.

Cuecard: Mobile-first forms that are transformed into apps that can be quickly deployed to an organization’s workforce. Photo and video messaging that is designed for instant feedback.

Codementor: Instant help from expert developers.

Sparktrend: A service that helps customers find the clothes they like based on the outfits they have seen on Pinterest.

Shippable:  A platform to help developers ship code faster  One of the companies that started after the class was picked in August.

ResolutionTube: A service that uses augmented reality to help technicians solve problems with collaboration tools such as video chat and whiteboards.

Perfect: Video lifeblogging for Google Glass.

Vetted: A curated marketplace for high-end independent professionals.The company was previously called Opinr.

Designlab: Help people learn design by doing design.

InsideSocial: A platform to help customers improve the impact social has on the metrics that drive their business.