Where To Watch The Live Stream For Today’s Apple iPad Event

Apple looks to be readying a live stream of its event taking place at 10 AM PT today at the Yerba Buena center in California, according to updates that are being pushed to users’ Apple TV devices, as reported by Engadget, MacRumors and 9to5mac. Now, Apple has also pushed out an update to its site, allowing users to navigate there to stream to Safari, too. For visitors on the web, the event will go live at the Apple Events section of its homepage when it starts in just a few hours. So to recap, you’ll need the following to tune in:

  • Safari on the Mac or iOS
  • An Apple TV gen 2 or 3, with the Apple Events channel that arrives special and automatically when things like this go down.

Of course, you can also tune in to our live blog of the event right here on TechCrunch, with myself snapping photos and providing occasional commentary and Greg Kumparak on keyboard. It’s the better option if you’re stuck at work like most normal human beings, or if you’d rather get some entertaining color commentary with your Apple news, tune into us furiously typing away at near the speed of sound.