YPlan Launches On Android

YPlan has only been around for less than a year, but the company is rapidly covering new ground.

After expanding from the UK into New York city last month, the social planning service is today launching an Android app.

YPlan works by aggregating cool events, parties, and activities happening within the next 24 hours, eternally answering the question “What are we going to do tonight?”

The fact that users can pay directly for any activity right within the app, never having to print a ticket or worry about fumbling for cash at the door, which gives the service an “Uber for nightlife” feel.

The company claims to have more than 300k downloads in the past 10 months, and is hoping to boost those figures with the launch of an Android version of the app. YPlan has thus far received $12 million in Series A led by General Catalyst.

So why’d it take so long to launch an Android app?

According to the company, finding good Android developers is difficult and YPlan kept the bar very high in the search. “Developing a quality Android app takes a lot of time so we’ve been working really hard on it over the summer, splitting effort between Android and expansion to NYC,” said Viktoras Jucikas, co-founder and CTO of YPlan.

Obviously, cross-platform availability is crucial to YPlan’s success as the company builds out it’s userbase. Eventually, co-founder Rytis Vitkauskas plans to integrate more social into the plan-oriented app, letting larger groups of friends rally together for certain activities.

For now, however, the company is focused on scaling in the two markets it’s available in.

New Yorkers and London residents interested in learning more about YPlan can visit the company website, or download the iOS or Android app to check out the experience.