Today In Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Us For Our Organs

Hello, puny human! How are your watery, floaty insides today? Good? Good. In this installment of TIDWRTWHUFOO we present the 3D-printed robot named Poppy. Poppy looks like a little mensch, all moxie and mettle, but imagine when the robots learn to 3D print themselves. You won’t be giggling when Poppy comes striding through the train station asking you to pick up a can, will you?

Poppy is completely open source and will cost about $9,000 to build in human money but it should be free once the robots take over the economy. You can learn more here.

Poppy Overview from Matthieu Lapeyre on Vimeo.

Ever wonder why they had to block out the sun in The Matrix? It’s because monsters like the Robo Raven were taking wing and using the sweet juices of the old Sol to swoop down and grab children playing in the streets. That’s right: this robot is a solar powered pterodactyl that is just waiting to be weaponized and/or fitted with a dropping disposal system.

Quoth the raven-maker, Dr. S.K. Gupta:

Real ravens are omnivorous and are happy to eat whatever is available. Unfortunately, mimicking this feat in Robo Raven is not practical at this point in time because the equipment necessary to convert biomass into 30 W of electrical power would make Robo Raven too heavy to fly. Since it is not practical to build a flying platform that can directly convert the biomass into energy needed to flap wings at the moment, we had to come up with a different option to “feed” Robo Raven.

You feed Robo Raven human organs, Dr. Gupta, making us alive nevermore.


Also iRobot sold 1 million Roombas or, to put it more precisely, 1 million underfoot soldiers in the coming robot war against the humans.


Keep your head on a swivel, people! Until next week…