Post-Funding Round, Skycure Launches Its Mobile Hacker Detection Software

Last year we covered the news that Skycure – a Bring Your Own Device security startup – had raised $3 million in a round lead by Israeli VC Pitango. It’s now launched a new suite of threat detection software that it says monitors network traffic to address suspicious behaviour on user devices. Its main competitors are mobile device management (MDM) vendors such as Washington, D.C.-based Mobile Active Defense. But Skycure is out to disrupt this market with its solution which is far simpler to deploy.

Skycure’s “mobile firewall” watches for security threats but – the company says – doesn’t impair the phone’s usage, privacy or battery life. It does this by having a client-side firewall on the device paired with a server-side service that does most of the heavy lifting.

Its mobile IDS/IPS solution protects iPhones and iPads by monitoring network traffic behaviour. Unlike older solutions that focus on device management and physical theft, Skycure looks at the network layer, protecting devices from being compromised by local or remote hackers.

The coming Bring Your Own Device movement spells big security problems for companies, and thus startups are springing up to come up with secure and smart ways for companies to implement, and more and more are attracting funding.

Skycure has already attracted attention last year after revealing a major privacy violation by LinkedIn’s mobile apps, a problem now fixed.

The startups’ co-founders Adi Sharabani and Yair Amit previously led the IT security research teams at IBM and Watchfire.