Kickstart This Oscilloscope Watch To See Your Hardware Beat To The Beat Of The Drums

Some day, archeologists will look back on our civilization and wonder why we had so many smartwatches. Case in point: the Oscilloscope Watch by Gabriel Anzziani is a wild little bit of gear that adds the power of a fully-functional oscilloscope to your wrist. Why? Because don’t worry about it, that’s why.

The watch contains a small XProtolab system a which includes an oscilloscope, waveform generator, logic analyzer, protocol sniffer, and frequency counter inside a tiny package. Anzziani’s DIY, 3D-printed version is obviously not much to look at right now but if he hits his $60,000 goal you can expect to see a much nice product down the line.

The watch will include two analog inputs that will be connected via a keychain fob or perhaps the watch band – that’s still to be decided – and it will have eight digital inputs. A 128×128 will bop out the waveforms (and watch faces) and you should be able to, at the very least, measure your Arduino projects on the fly. The first watches can be had for a $100 pledge and he expects to ship by April of next year.

Do you need an oscilloscope watch? No way, Jose. But it’s great to know there is someone out there thinking of the hardware hackers who, at some point in their lives, have wished they had a little oscilloscope on their wrist.