Can’t Find The Windows 8.1 Update? Here’s How To Get It

Earlier today, Microsoft released Windows 8.1, the successor to its controversial Windows 8 operating system. From what I can tell, most folks appear to be having a fine time updating. Not everyone, mind you, but that’s frankly to be expected.

However, some folks are having a hard time actually finding the update itself, so let’s help them. If you can’t see Windows 8.1 in the Windows Store, you probably need to run Windows Update to get the “KB 2871839” update. To do this, follow the directions here. This appears to be the most common issue.

If you are on Windows 8 Enterprise, you get no soup today, sorry. That flavor of Windows 8 is not designed for self-upgrade. You’re going to have to wait until your IT department decides that the code will be yours.

If you are a Surface user who installed the Windows 8.1 Preview, and are having issues moving to the final build, head here for directions. Finally, via my comrade Tom Warren at The Verge, if all that fails, hit up this link on your Windows 8 device, and it should do the trick.

The update weighs in between 2.5 and 4.5 gigabytes, so strap in for a spell. You’ll need patience. I’m seeing reports on Twitter that the actual install process can take several hours. People are finding the messaging that Microsoft built into the update cycle oddly funny. Instead of “gathering information,” why not just say, “not done yet”? Anyway, for more background head here, but get a move on. The grass actually is greener on the 8.1 side of the fence.

Top Image Credit: Dell Inc.