Turn Report Shows Climbing Ad Rates In Display And Social

A new report from online advertising company Turn shows rising or steady eCPMs (the effective price paid by advertisers for every thousand impressions).

The Global Digital Audience Report is based on data from Turn’s marketing platform between July and September — the company says the platform has access to 2 trillion ad impressions and makes 100 billion ad impressions each month.

Looking at individual formats, Turn showed that display eCPMs grew to $1.28 from $1.22 last quarter. Mobile eCPMs averaged $1.02 (barely) growing 0.9 percent. Facebook and Facebook Exchange ads saw the biggest increase, growing 15.4 percent to 45 cents. Video was the only category with a drop, falling 0.54 percent to $10.97, so it’s still way above everything else.

The report also says that more inventory is becoming available in mobile apps, and that video advertising is standardizing around a few high-performing formats.

One theme in the report is what Turn describes as “the rise of the cross-channel brand” — namely, businesses that advertise in multiple formats and channels. The company says it has seen a 137 percent increase in cross-channel brands this year, with a 500 percent increase in brands that advertise across display, mobile, social and video. On average, brands that went from one to multiple ad channels saw a 3x improvement in return on investment, Turn says.

You can download the report here.