Twitter Announces It Will List On The NYSE Under TWTR

Twitter has amended its S-1 filing to note that it will be listing on the New York Stock Exchange under the TWTR symbol, a detail that was omitted from the original filing. The new document was uploaded to its EDGAR archive today. There is still no valuation or IPO estimation listed in the document.

Twitter notes that it now has 230 million MAUs, marking a growth of 15 million MAUs over the last three months since June 2013, which isn’t exactly a huge number. Twitter says that its revenue is up to $168.6 million in Q3, 2013 compared to $82.3 million in the year-ago quarter.

According to a CNBC report, Twitter currently plans to do an IPO roadshow from October 28 to November 6, will price its IPO on November 14 and start trading on November 15. But the final date for pricing is said to be “fluid.”

There had been some speculation that Twitter would list on the more tech-heavy Nasdaq previous to the announcement. Nasdaq shares fell 1.6 percent on the news that the listing will go to the NYSE. Twitter competitor Facebook chose to list on Nasdaq, which may have been a component of Twitter’s decision to list on the NYSE.

There are several new items in Twitter’s updated S-1 filing as well, including the fact that, as of September 30, it now has 2,300 employees. Twitter has also updated the S-1 to note that there were 48 billion tweet impressions online in Q3, up from 30 billion in Q2 2013.

There is also growth in MAUs accessing Twitter from a mobile device, up to 76 percent of users in Q3 versus 75 percent in Q2, and over 70 percent of its ads revenue was from mobile devices, up from 65 percent. The five-point jump in the mobile revenues on mobile devices is worth noting, as it shows just how much Twitter is working on its revenue plans for mobile.

Revenue is up 106 percent over the past nine months to $422 million, which marks a slowing from the 107 percent growth over the six-month period ending June 30. The bigger gasp is that the net loss figure increased by 89 percent to 133.9 million over the past nine months as compared to the figure for the last six months ending in June 2013, which put net loss increases at 41 percent to $69.3 million.

Twitter notes in the filing that it will likely tweet about financial matters via the following accounts: @dickc, @twitter and @twitterIR. TwitterIR is a new one, and currently has no tweets. The other two are Twitter’s official account and that of its CEO Dick Costolo.

Twitter’s amended filing also reveals that it’s looking to build out its data centers. “In addition, we entered into amendments to certain lease agreements in 2013 to expand the capacity of existing data center facilities through 2020, and increased our total commitments under such leases to $230.3 million.”