TC Cribs: The Lights, Cameras, And Classrooms At CreativeLIVE’s San Francisco HQ

Typically, TechCrunch Cribs goes inside tech companies to show a side of them that cameras don’t often see. But this episode took us to the San Francisco office of CreativeLIVE, the online education startup that broadcasts daily lessons its classrooms live to a worldwide audience — and here, cameras are literally part of the furniture.

So this time around, Cribs just turned our cameras on the people who turn their cameras onto others. So meta! It was very fun to see behind the scenes of a truly modern kind of video studio.

Check out the video embedded above to see CreativeLIVE’s very charismatic co-founder Chase Jarvis show us through the company’s massive San Francisco office, where plants grow on walls, PBR-fueled afternoon rooftop meetings abound, and teachers become worldwide video stars.