Send In Your Questions For Ask A VC With Redpoint’s Geoff Yang And Ryan Sarver

This week on TechCrunch TV’s Ask A VC show, we have Redpoint partner Geoff Yang and the VC firm’s newest partner Ryan Sarver in the studio. You can submit questions for our guests either in the comments or here and we’ll ask them during the show.

Yang has invested in a number of tech giants and hot startups over the past two decades. His media and advertising investments include Ask Jeeves, Clicker, Efficient Frontier, Excite, Machinima, Myspace and TiVo. His networking investments include Calix, Foundry Networks, Juniper Networks, MMC Networks and Wellfleet. He currently serves on the boards of Branchout, Findery, Gaia Online, Gravity, Machinima, Scribd, TasteMade, Tidemark and WOCHit.

Sarver recently left Twitter after spending four years working with developers, and helping lead Twitter’s platform strategy. Sarver was an instrumental force in effectively communicating the confusion around how Twitter would be dealing with third parties after releasing its ecosystem guidelines in 2011. Prior to his tenure at Twitter, Sarver was the Director of Consumer Products at Skyhook Wireless.

We’re curious to hear Yang’s thoughts on the evolution of the VC world over the past 20 years (he was also a general partner at IVP prior to Redpoint). And we’re excited to hear more about Sarver’s move to the VC world.

Please send us your questions for Yang and Sarver here or put them in the comments below!