Report: Apple To Hold Event On October 22nd To Talk New iPads, OS X Mavericks And New Mac Pro

Apple will hold an invitation-only event on October 22nd to show off its new iPads, as well as the new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks release, according to a report from All Things D’s John Paczkowski.

That timing seems just right for the new iPads to make an appearance — last year’s event was held on October 23rd — and Apple has previously slated OS X Mavericks for a ‘fall’ release. It also makes some sense for Apple to talk about the Mac pro, also slated for fall, and to hopefully deliver us a release date.

The new iPads will include a full-size iPad and new iPad mini. It’s unclear whether Apple will up the Mini to Retina resolution this time around, but that seems fairly likely. The larger iPad is expected to get trimmed down bezels and a thinner casing and, we would assume, will also get the A7.  A report last month from CE’s Micah Singleton pegged the iPad event date and says that Apple’s iPad mini will not get the A7 processor, instead relying on Apple’s A6, currently used in the iPhone 5C. The All Things D report says that the mini will get the A7. There have been some leaks that point to the new iPads getting Apple’s new TouchID fingerprint recognition as well, hence the image above, but that’s unconfirmed as of yet.

If the releases of Apple’s iPhone 5S are an indication, the new iPads may come in Space Grey, Gold and traditional silver.

October 22nd is also the date that another couple of tech events are slated to take place, including the arrival of Microsoft’s Surface 2 for sale and Nokia’s fall event, where it’s expected to announce six new devices including a tablet.