Netflix iOS Bug That Breaks Output Via Apple HDMI AV Adapters Will Be Fixed

The latest Neftlix update for iOS 7 finally added full AirPlay support to the app, something that many probably assumed it already had. But it also appears to have broken the feature, which allowed it to connect directly to TVs with Apple’s HDMI AV adapter.

Some users have been crying foul about the error, claiming that Apple and Netflix were trying to force people to buy Apple TVs in order to use AirPlay. We reached out to Netflix about the error and they ensured us that this is just a bug that is affecting a ‘small percentage’ of customers, and that they’re working on fixing it.

A search of Twitter shows that there are quite a few users running up against the issue over the past couple of days. Here’s the error that one user, Kari Knudson, had been seeing:


So, if you’re seeing a similar error, just know that it’s not a grand conspiracy of some sort, just an unfortunate bug. Hopefully Netflix will get the update rolled out soon.

In the meantime, an Apple support thread on the matter suggests that turning AirPlay off completely will force video to output to the HDMI adapter, letting you watch video the way you want while Netflix rolls out a fix.