Airport Car Rental Service Silvercar Is Headed To LAX In November

Silvercar continues to expand its tech-focused airport car rental service into new markets, and in a few weeks will be making its biggest debut yet. According to an email sent to customers late last week, Silvercar said that on November 4 it will be launching at LAX, which will soon house its largest fleet of Audi A4s.

As we’ve written before, Silvercar hopes to revolutionize the airport car rental business, by simplifying the process of getting a car and paying through its mobile app. In doing so, it does away with all the usual issues that people run into when renting a car — the long lines, the constant upsell, having to worry about whether a car has GPS and whatnot.

Instead, Silvercar has one make and model of car available — the Audi A4 — so there’s no choosing between different classes of vehicles or worrying overly much about upgrades or features. All cars can be unlocked through the Silvercar mobile app and have GPS and in-car WiFi for getting around. So all a renter needs to do is show up and take the car out.

The launch at LAX is a big move for Silvercar, which has been gradually expanding since launching at Dallas/Fort Worth late last year. Since then, it’s launched in Austin, Houston, and Dallas Love Field before opening for business at SFO in August.

The Los Angeles airport will house the company’s largest fleet of vehicles, as it seeks to go after what is one of the largest airport car rental markets in the country. LAX not only does a huge volume of rentals — but it also is home to a number of tech-savvy business people who like to drive in style. So offering up an Audi A4 and a VIP, no-hassle experience to renters could be a huge win for the startup.

Believe it or not, customers have already begun booking rentals from LAX even though the service doesn’t launch for about three weeks, according to a representative for SilverCar. As for why Silvercar is waiting until November 4th before launch — the company is expecting huge demand for Austin City Limits, and will have a lot of its fleet in town for that, before moving several cars over to LAX.

Check out a screen grab of the email sent to customers below:

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