The Twitter IPO By The Numbers

Here are some accumulated statistics from our scouring of the Twitter IPO filing for your perusal. The overall numbers show a company with good but slowing growth in users, solid revenue in mobile but no profit yet to show.

Twitter is absolutely a mobile-friendly company, with some 75 percent of its monthly active users coming on portable devices. About 65 percent of its ad revenue comes from there, too, in sharp contrast to Facebook, which had no mobile revenue at the time of its IPO.



Daily Active Users Over 100M
Monthly Active Users 218.3M
Revenue 2010 $28.3M
Revenue 2012 $316M
Revenue 2013 1st half $253M
Loss 2012 $79.4M
Loss 2013 1st half $69.3M
Shares of Stock Issued 472,613,753
Accumulated Deficit $418.5M
MAUs on mobile 164M, that’s 75%
Ad revenue from mobile 65%
Tweet impressions 30B
Total tweets 300B
Spam (Fake) Accounts 5%
R&D As Pct of 2012 Revenue 37.5%
R&D in 2013 1st half $111.8M
Websites Integrating Twitter 3M
Registered Twitter Apps 6M
Patents 6
Liabilities $255.9M
International Revenue 2012 $53M
International Revenue 2013 1st half $62.8M
Employees 2,000
Notable Shareholders Evan Williams 12%, Benchmark/Peter Fenton 6.7%, Jack Dorsey 4.9%, Dick Costolo 1.6%, Rizvi Traverse, Spark Capital, USV and DST

Image Credit: Bruce McKay