Pin-Digital, The NSFW Startup Behind (Ahem) PinSex And PinGay, Raises $800K

Pin-Digital, a Barcelona-based startup that created PinSex and PinGay, says that it has raised $800,000 in funding.

The names are pretty self-explanatory — they’re both Pinterest-style sites where users can save, share, and browse adult content.

It turns out that there are several Pinterest-inspired for porn sites, including and Snatchly. Pin-Digital founder and CEO Christian Thorn suggested that until now, there hasn’t been “real social media for adult content”.

The Pinterest model is one that makes sense for this kind of content, he added, because it’s “very visual” while also having an aspect of social following. As for what will set Thorn’s sites apart, he said he’s hoping to turn them into the place where porn stars can connect with their fans, and he has already signed one model, Vanilla DeVille.

He added that the funding includes his own money, along with undisclosed angel investors. He admitted that he has faced “resistance” from traditional investors, but he said the company is exploring other models, such as trading media (i.e., promotional ad space) for equity.

“I see it as any other business, but I definitely think there are many taboos to break,” Thorn said.

By the way, I checked out both the PinSex and PinGay sites, and I did it from the office. (Why? Something something research.) So if this turns out to be the last thing I write for TechCrunch, now you know why.