LeadPages Raises $5M From Foundry Group For Landing Page Service Powered By Data Analytics Engine

LeadPages, a Minneapolis company started less than a year ago, has received a $5 million Series A investment from the Foundry Group. Arthur Ventures also participated in the round. The funding will help the company expand its service that provides customers with landing page templates powered by a data analytics engine that traditionally only a company like Google has been able to enjoy.

With LeadPages, landing pages from its entire customer base serve as a universal data source for real-time analysis. The service collects enough data so the smallest of business can enjoy the benefits of scale needed for meaningful analysis.

LeadPages provides HTML 5 templates for contact pages, webinar pages, sales lead and other types of landing pages that customers use to improve leads and get better conversions. The service runs on Google App Engine and uses technology like Big Table to analyze the landing page data.  Unlike competitors that use  WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), LeadPages does not have to translate into HTML. Instead the HTML pages are already made, which allows  for the data to be decoupled and analyzed in the Google cloud stack. The pages are optimized for any mobile device.

The company’s basic service is $37 per month and the Pro version has a $67 per month fee. Annual subscriptions are discounted. The pro version comes with A/B split testing and the ability to upload landing page templates. as well as other features.

It’s the data that matters most with a service like LeadPages. Being a data-driven company means taking actions based on what the analysis shows. It’s not just about measuring page views or time on a site. It’s knowing how to segment and test to constantly find better ways to harvest leads and convert into sales.

LeadPages competes most with services like Kickoff Labs and Instapage, providers of WYSIWYG services. The real threat, though, is a provider that can analyze data on a scale such as LeadPages. That could be Google, Salesforce or a provider that does data analytics to optimize marketing campaigns.  But in the meantime. LeadPages has a service that can extend to new markets based upon the products it builds from its data. That might mean a media planning service, deeper mobile services or the analysis of data objects such as forms.