Apple Launches iOS 7 Tech Talks For Developers In SF, NYC, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin And London

Apple has just announced a series of Tech Talks for developers building apps for iOS 7. This is a relatively common occurrence as Apple likes to get evangelists out to talk to developers and help them on a more personal basis than just WWDC.

The talks are important because Apple sold out its main developer conference extremely quickly this year, leaving many developers in the lurch. Now they’ll be able to get lab and talk time with Apple engineers in order to hopefully get the most out of iOS 7.

The talks will be held in San Francisco, NYC, Tokyo, Shanghai, Berlin and London and — for the first time — are split between ‘App Developer’ days and ‘Game Developer’ days. Typically the subject matter had been interleaved in one rolling session. Now, Apple is splitting it out.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.16.48 AM

This actually makes a lot of sense because the technologies used in games and apps do differ quite a bit. A regular app developer might never have to tap into Game Center, Sprite Kit or OpenGL ES technologies, where a game developer is steeped in those frameworks.

Note that you cannot choose to attend both the app day and game day programs, you must pick one or the other to attend in each city. There will be videos of the event presentations posted shortly after the last event on December 18th, so even if developers don’t get in, they’ll be able to see the program. These events typically hold around 400 attendees per session.

You can apply if you’re over 13 today or earlier, and attendees are randomly selected from qualified applicants. So this isn’t a time-sensitive draft like the WWDC ticket fiasco, where they sold out  in around 90 seconds. Apply and you have a chance to go.

If you’re a developer looking to go, you can see the full schedule of talks for each day and apply here.