A High-End Surface Pro 2 With Power Cover And Dock Will Cost $2,197

Yesterday Microsoft announced two new Surface tablets and a set of accessories designed to help its more expensive tablet-hybrid slot into enterprise business environments. The new Surface Pro 2, the Power Cover, and the docking station form a trio of products that Microsoft hopes will drive corporate sales of its hardware.

Microsoft’s new tablets are now up for pre-order, though the Power Cover and dock will not be released until the early part of next year.

It’s worth noting the price of the get-up, however. The Surface Pro 2, sans any accessory, starts at $899 in its most basic format. That SKU has a modest 64 gigabytes of internal storage. The highest-end Surface Pro 2, with 512 gigabytes of storage, costs $1,799, or double the price of its cheapest build.

The docking station and the Power Cover will cost another $199 apiece when they are released. Therefore, to pick up the flagship Surface Pro 2 SKU, along with the hardware that Microsoft is building for the extension of its use inside the corporate realm, you will spend three dollars under the $2,200 mark. That’s a high price.

So, Microsoft is more than willing to charge for its enterprise-facing Surface Pro 2. At the other end of the scale, Microsoft is selling its original Surface RT tablet for $349, and first generation Touch Cover for $79. It is also selling the Surface RT as part of a discounted bundle that includes a black Touch Cover for as little as $400.

In case you hadn’t seen the full list, here’s the pricing for the Surface line moving forward:

Surface RT

  • 32GB $349
  • 64 GB $449
  • 32 GB with black Touch Cover: $399
  • 64 GB with black Touch Cover: $499

Surface 2

  • 32GB $449
  • 64GB $549

Surface Pro 2

  • 64GB $899
  • 128GB $999
  • 256GB $1,299
  • 512GB $1,799

You can buy just over 5 Surface RT devices for the price of a single, highest-end Surface Pro 2.

The new question is how the new Surface devices together will sell, and how they will sell in relation to one another. The Surface 2 is cheaper than the Surface Pro 2, but Microsoft appeared to have an easier time selling the Surface Pro than the Surface RT, the two devices’ predecessors.

It’s too early to have any sort of sales indicators, but our radar is up. More as it happens.