Threadflip Brings Its Fashion Marketplace To iPad

Online and mobile marketplace Threadflip, which lets you clean out your closet and shop those from others, is today publicly debuting its updated mobile application, now available for the first time on iPad. The company had previously said this spring that some 40 percent of its daily uploads from people selling items on the site were coming from mobile, and 20 percent of its transactions were as well, making the move to iPad a natural next step for the company.

Threadflip’s iOS app was first launched over a year ago, but it was only in early 2013 that the mobile numbers really started to grow. In May, the startup moved to take advantage of this trend, revamping its app with improved features designed to attract more mobile sellers, as well as a universal shopping cart that allowed buyers to purchase items from multiple sellers’ shops in one transaction.

Now the company has not only rebuilt the app for iOS 7 (of course), but has also released an update that makes the previously smartphone-only app a universal app that works on the iPad, too. The new app offers larger, high-fidelity photographs to work with the iPad’s larger screen size, a move that Threadflip hopes will make it easier for customers making decisions on what to buy. Because Threadflip’s focus is in secondhand clothing and accessories, it can sometimes be difficult to really scrutinize products on smartphone screens for minute signs of wear that could influence buying decisions.

Also new is a “Sale of the Day” feature, letting users shop deals and items that are up to 80 percent off, as well as tools to filter and shop by categories, recent reductions, and more.

Threadflip iPhone 1The iPad app was a top request among users, and Threadflip says today that roughly 20 percent of its overall traffic comes from the iPad, and that number has been growing since January. iPad users, as is often the case, tend to spend more time on site than regular users – spending two times longer than the average web user, in fact. They also browse three times more content than average users, and spend 1.5 times more.

While the company isn’t talking transaction figures and revenue right now, the app itself is in the top 150 on iOS’s Lifestyle section in the U.S. at present, per App Annie. That puts it quite a bit behind its most direct competitor, Poshmark, which is No. 40. Poshmark also announced yesterday that it now has 250,000 women with active personal “boutiques” and has sold over a million items.

Threadflip, however, would say that its average transaction rate is now more than $61 per transaction, up from $44 three months ago. The company reports having over half a million users, as well.

Threadflip for iPad is available for download here.