Fly Or Die: LEGO Mindstorms EV3

LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Even the name is formidable, but just wait until you connect the dots and fire up these dragon-esque robots.

The EV3 set of robotic, programmable LEGOs is the very best version of this 14-year-old product line we’ve ever seen. The most notable edition is that users can program directly from the smart brick, the computational component included in each robot that gives the simple “If/Then” commands.

In the past, users had to program from their computers and then sync with the brick.

The Mindstorms EV3, the aptly named third generation model, also offers awesome build-guide apps for iOS and Android that give 3D models for each of the LEGO configuration, helping you get the robot built so you can get down to programming.

For the first time, the EV3 kit also includes an infrared sensor, which lets your robots see and detect various objects and colors. And as per usual, the system runs on Linux-based firmware and is equipped with USB and SD ports.

The price point is slightly high for kids, at $349.99. However, unlike video games that rot the mind, the EV3 is teaching basic skills that could turn your little guy into the next Steve Wozniak. On the other hand, hobbyists and adults looking to learn a little bit about programming might find the EV3 kit to be a solid investment.

If you want to see the Mindstorms EV3 in action, check out this video below from CES.