What We Know About Selfie.com

Selfie.com. It exists … shrouded in mystery and excitement.

In a world where photo-sharing reigns supreme, where Instagram and its mighty legion of copycats, wannabes and tweaked iterations lead a massive charge, a new photo-sharing service rises out of the huddled mass to deliver the best that photography has to offer: selfies.

Well, that’s what we gather from the name and the HTML5 holding page that was just put up yesterday. The founder, Hugh Dornbush, hasn’t disclosed anything else and has gone into super stealth mode, seemingly quitting Tumblr and Twitter in March of 2012.

According to an SEC filing, Selfie Inc. received at least $543.6k in April 2013 with Hugh Dornbush listed as CEO and his father Charles Dornbush listed as a director. The investors are undisclosed.

Dornbush is an entrepreneur who hails from New York, where he founded OMGICU in June 2008. OMGICU is a celebrity-sighting website that lets users report celebrity sightings and post photos and videos. You can even check out which celebrities have been spotted nearby recently.

The app and website are both still alive, but the iTunes listing shows that OMGICU hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Dornbush has also held positions at DrillTeam Marketing and Rave Wireless, as well as getting a Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from NYU’s Stern Business School, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The other founder is Alex Lasky, who founded Addictive Networks and Bthere TV, and also attended NYU, according to his LinkedIn.

As far as Selfie itself, nothing of real interest has been disclosed.

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A source, wishing to remain anonymous, claims to have heard about and seen an early version of Selfie, saying it was “really cool.” No details, though. In fact, there’s no word on whether Selfie will be a mostly mobile product or mostly web. (You have to assume, if selfies are indeed involved, that there will be some form of smartphone in the mix.)

Still, the holding page alone has piqued many people’s interest, including SV Angel investor David Lee.

So, world, are you ready for a service dedicated to selfies? With narcissism at an all-time high thanks to social networks in general, the implications of a service like Selfie could be….

Hold on, I think I see a mirror.