Etsy Debuts Pinterest-Like Curation Platform For Brands, Pages

Etsy, the marketplace for hand crafted goods, is adding a new feature today to engage brands with the its platform-—Pages. The feature allows brands to create curated pages of items from Etsy, which users can buy directly from the marketplace.

Etsy, which currently lists 18 million items for sale and is seeing 60 million unique visitors each month, joining forces with curation partners tastemakers like Apartment Therapy, Lucky, West Elm, Martha Stewart Weddings, Swiss Miss, Food52, and Babble to add pages to a designated section of the marketplace to see recommended products from these brands.

You can actually follow these brands to get personalized recommendations for products to discover as well.

For example, West Elm has created a number of Pages dedicated to items made from artisans from particular cities. In the New York page, West Elm features a number of “finds” from Etsy shops based in the region. Brands can also embed these Pages with a few lines of code on their own sites.

Currently Etsy buyers can create their own collections by adding your favorite items to a page. But this new feature is really more of a way to allow brands, both in retail and editorial, to create a more personalized and engaged experience around some of the items featured on Etsy. It’s a win for Etsy merchants because they could possibly get more exposure when listed by a brand.

This isn’t the first time Etsy has been engaging larger brands to expose the work of their artisans. The New York-based company recently partnered with Nordstrom to feature a collection of wedding-themed handmade and vintage goods from emerging artists and designers on Etsy.