The New Nomad ChargeKey Is Like A Jumper Cable For Your Phone

A year ago the guys at Nomad released a small, portable USB cable for iPhones and micro USB devices. Now they’ve launched the ChargeKey, a super-small “cable” for charging your device via any USB port.

The ChargeKey connects to your actual keychain and fits into any USB port. You can then charge your phone or device via USB power and, when you’re done, simply place the ChargeKey back on your keychain.

They launched their new product at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco.

The team is offering pre-orders of the charger for $25 and they’ll be shipping on November 30th. The creators liken the product to a “jumper cable” for your phone, allowing you to charge from any USB port. Team-member Noah Dentzel told us that he charged his phone via a USB port on the back of a TV at a bar, which is a pretty cool way to grab a little juice while getting juiced.